Stitching History Project

Published: 03/10/2023

The Stitching History Project seeks to engage with a group of residents from an industrial setting that has faced significant economic challenges since the decline of the steel industry in 1991.  once defined their village.

This project aims to revitalize the community’s spirit, instil a sense of pride in local heritage, and promote economic development through the preservation and celebration of the railway history that once defined their village.

Project Objectives:
1. Community Engagement: Encourage active participation and collaboration to foster a sense of unity and shared purpose.
2. Preserve Local Heritage: Explore and document the rich history of railways.
3. Oral History Collection: Record and preserve the memories, stories, and experiences of residents through audio interviews.
4. Artistic Expression: Support in creating a large wall hanging that represents the collective memories and stories collected, to be displayed prominently in the Brymbo Enterprise Centre.
5. Cultural Enrichment: Promote the community’s cultural identity and strengthen connections with its’ industrial past.
6. Economic Development: Utilise the project as a catalyst for local entrepreneurship and tourism.
7. Sustainable Tourism and well-being: Create opportunities for communities to explore along the line for field research trips to museums and destinations.

stiching History

Project Activities:
Historical Research: Conduct research to gather information on the village’s railway history, including old photographs, maps, and documents.
Community Workshops: Support the regular workshops and meetings at the Brymbo Enterprise Centre to engage residents in discussions, oral history recording, and artistic design.
Oral History Interviews: Interview residents who have personal experiences related to the railway, preserving their stories through audio recordings.
Artistic Collaboration: Collaborate with local artists to transform the collected stories and memories into a visually appealing wall hanging or mural.
Exhibition Planning: Support with planning for the exhibition and launch of the artwork and ensure it is prominently displayed in the Enterprise Centre by November 2023.
Community Outreach: Promote the project through social media, local press, and community events to raise awareness and encourage participation.
Tourism Promotion: Develop a strategy to attract visitors interested in the community’s railway heritage, potentially leading to economic benefits for local businesses.

Project Timeline:
Project Kick-off: January 2023
Research and Oral History Collection: January 2023 – May 2023
Artistic Design and Creation: January 2023 – October 2023
Exhibition Preparation: October 2023
Grand Opening and Display: November 2023

Project Partners:
• Warmer Wednesdays
• Gw Llangollen
• Brymbo Enterprise Centre
• Brymbo Heritage Trust
• Wrexham Council ACL
• Stitching History Community Group
• Little Learning Company

Project Evaluation:
• Regular feedback sessions with participants and stakeholders
• Visitor and community feedback on the exhibition’s impact
• Monitoring of social media engagement and press coverage
• Economic impact assessment on local businesses.

The Stitching History project aims to empower residents of an industrial village to reclaim their identity and stimulate economic growth by celebrating their railway heritage. By documenting personal memories and transforming them into a compelling artistic display, this project will promote unity, tourism, and community pride, ultimately revitalizing the village’s spirit and economy.