Nantwich Station Project

Published: 14/09/2023

To help enhance the appearance of Nantwich station to help give it a sense of place for passengers and the community to enjoy whilst making it a more welcoming space.

3cccrp_Nantwich artwork

 3 Counties Connected Community Rail Partnership will commission art works for both Platform waiting Shelters. We have a number of aims that we focus on throughout which are as follows;

• To improve the appearance of both station platforms

• To give the station a sense of place for the passengers on arrival and departure

• To develop relationship and link with local schools

• To develop relationship with station adopters

• To support local artists and local economy


• To create an art installation involving the Nantwich schools and station adopters, connecting different members of the community, and promoting inclusion.
• To engage through art workshops to connect the community in a meaningful way to the railway promoting biodiversity and sustainability of the railway.
• Delivery rail safety messages to the local school
• To open up opportunities for local artists, supporting local talent and the economy.

• Transport for Wales
• Network Rail
• Nantwich Primary Schools TBC
• Station adopters TFW
• Community Rail Network (education and youth engagement team)
• Nantwich in Bloom