3 Counties Connected is a Community Rail
Partnership hosted by Groundwork North Wales.

The overall purpose of Community Rail Partnerships (CRP) is to encourage greater use of sustainable travel on rail services through increased participation of local communities in their rail line.

This is achieved through a range of activities at and surrounding local train stations to provide economic, social, and environmental benefits to the region’s residents and visitors. 

The aim is to engage people with a green way of living, encourage different community groups to get involved in station adoption and investing in the Chester – Shrewsbury – Crewe Transport for Wales line as a gate way to show what all North Wales and the border areas have to offer.

This partnership is hosted by Groundwork North Wales, a charity who aims to work with local communities to improve well-being. They support people facing challenges, struggling with isolation, health issues or limited employment through a diverse range of projects and services. Their work is largely focused on the environment and sustainability, which merges succinctly with the four pillars of all Community Rail Partnerships.


Providing a voice for the community

Promoting sustainable healthy and accessible travel

Bringing communities together and supporting diversity and inclusion

Supporting social and economic development